BROKEN ENGLISH – A conversation about the use of English as the working language on the art scene
and pre-launch of Norwegian Art Yearbook 2019

Panel: Sabrina van der Ley, Fleur van Muiswinkel and Halvor Haugen

Location: Styrhuset Pub, Svolvær (part of LIAFs side program)

Time: Saturday, August 31, 14.00

Moderator: Ketil Nergaard

The main theme for this year´s edition of The Norwegian Art Yearbook is how Norwegian art is connected with an international or maybe post-national art scene. One of the results of the globalization of the art world is that English has become the working language in almost all parts of the art scene. We have gathered a group of art professionals to discuss this from personal experience. How are we dealing with this in our professional life? What are the benefits of sharing the same language, even if it is not our own? Which problems occur? Is it really a problem? What can be done?

About the panel:
Sabrina van der Ley is director of Sør-Troms museum and former director for contemporary art at Nasjonalmuseet for kunst, arkitektur og design in Oslo
Fleur van Muiswinkel is artistic coordinator of the Contour Biennial and contemporary art at Nona art centre in Mechelen, Belgium.
Halvor Haugen is a writer and translator, and former editor of Billedkunst and UKS – Forum for contemporary art.
Ketil Nergaard, editor of The Norwegian Art Yearbook, will be moderator.

About The Norwegian Art Yearbook:
The Norwegian Art Yearbook is the only annual book publication about the Norwegian art scene. With specially commissioned articles, interviews and presentations of selected artists and exhibitions, the book provides a broad picture of Norwegian contemporary art.

This years book includes interviews with editor of kunstkritikk Jonas Ekeberg and gallerist Eivind Furnesvik (STANDARD (Oslo)), and with six artists from different countries living and working in Norway, an article by Irene Snarby about the transnational sami art, and a text about the use of english in the art world by Halvor Haugen.

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